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Reasons Why This Is The Best Green Screen Background For Video

Reasons Why This Is The Best Green Screen Background For Video

We understand that you have many creative ideas that you want to bring to life and finding the right tools for the job can be exhausting.
Well, if you're looking for the best green screen background for video, I'm pleased to inform you that your search is over. Stick with me as I am about to tell you why our 2 in 1 Green Screen Reversible Backdrop is the Best Green Screen Background for you.


1. The Best Green Screen Background For Video is Versatile

We live in a world where content creators are expected to be flexible. No matter what environment you're in, or what challenges arise, you're expected to adapt and still produce amazing content. Shouldn't your tools be just as versatile? Such creators need tools that not only do their jobs well but also help to make things move along much smoother. 
  • It is Reversible


As the name suggests, you get 2 chromakey backgrounds in 1. You don't just get a green screen but you get a blue screen as well!

Why is this so great? This is amazing because this can make production so much faster. In a project, there might be different occasions where a blue screen background is more suitable than a green screen background. 

Imagine you're working on a project that requires the use of both. For example, you've shot a daylight scene with the green screen and now you need to shoot a night scene with the blue screen. With our 2 in 1 Green Screen Background, you won't have to worry about taking down one screen and putting up another or having two screens set up at the same time. You might not have the space, time, or budget for that. All you have to do is turn this reversible screen around and continue working on your production. This will save a lot of time.

  • It is Collapsible


There may be times when you'll be working outside of your own studio or maybe your studio is a room in your house that needs to return to normal after production. Whatever the case may be, when folded, this green screen background transforms into a disc that fits conveniently into its carrying bag for practical storage or transportation. You can fold it up, slide it under a bed, put it in a closet, or throw it into your car for an outdoor shoot. How convenient is that? 
And what's better is that it's even easier to set up! It just Pops open! 

2. The Best Green Screen Background For Video is Affordable

Whether you're working on a large project or not, the cost is still an important factor to consider. There will always be new products you want to try, software and hardware upgrades, sound effects and special effects subscriptions, and more. 

So whatever new product or tool you decide to try out needs to be worth the price. And we can say with confidence that our 2 in 1 green screen background is the best because it is affordable.
There are many green screens on the market that cost more than ours but still do not offer the same versatility and quality. Imagine paying twice as much for a green screen background that does half the work. Crazy right?

  • It Is Durable 

A major part of being worth the price is being able to stand the test of time. 


This green screen background is definitely the best for video because: 
  • Its versatility saves you time and makes work easier
  • It's easy to set up and it collapses for storage and transportation.
  • It is affordable and Its durability saves you time and money.



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