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The Most Comfortable Active Wear For Men

What do you look for in your athletic gear? I don't know about you but I love it when my workout gears offer flexibility and functionality.

But what's most important to me is comfort.

Whether you're working out at the gym or at home, or you enjoy going cycling or for a run, the gear you wear should help to make the experience more enjoyable.

Here are some of our favorite and most comfortable active wear for men.



Quick-Drying Breathable Running Shorts-Shorts-RealBigBuy

Quick-Drying Breathable Running Shorts

This quick-drying running shorts for men is at the top of the list because I know you will love it as much as I do. Can we talk about functionality and convenience? It has a liner with a pocket so that you can keep your phone close to you while you workout without it falling out or dangling around too much. How thoughtful is that? I love it! It is also available in other colors.


CN Shorts Navy / M Running Gym Elastic Waist Sport Shorts

Running Gym Elastic Waist Sport Shorts

This lightweight, breathable, elastic waist, drawstring sports shorts for men is made of 95% cotton material. Because it is so lightweight and fits so closely, it feels like you aren't wearing anything. This allows you to move more freely and comfortably.

 You can take a look at some other running shorts here as well.


CN Bottoms Black / M Slim Fit Drawstring Casual Running Pants

Men's Slim Fit Drawstring Casual Running Pants

These slim-fit running pants for men are super soft and comfy. They hug your legs close enough to offer support but is loose enough to offer breathability. They are well made, stylish, trendy and can also be worn casually on a regular basis.

You can view other options here.

CN Bottoms Black / M Camo Printed Casual Running Pants

Camo Printed Casual Running Pants 

In addition to its comfort, this camo printed casual running pants for men also has style. Therefore making it versatile. It can be worn as workout pants or as casual everyday wear. 




Just Do It Men T-shirt-T-shirt-RealBigBuy

Just Do It Men T-shirt

Being consistent with working out can be a challenge sometimes. So If you need a little motivation to get started or to keep going, then this is a great choice. Of course this is not a magic T-Shirt that will force you to do what you don't want to, but every now and then we all need a little reminder to "Just Do It". And this will definitely do that.



CN Green / M Mens Running Sports Zip Up Sweatshirt

Men's Running Sports Zip Up Sweatshirt

 When you truly love to do something you will find a way to do it all year round and running isn't any different. This sweatshirt is great for earlier morning runs or running during colder weather. 

Newchick Sneakers Blue / 39 Men Running Water Shoes

Men Running Water Shoes

Have you ever had an uncomfortable pair of shoes? I have and it is the worst. You can't walk two steps with it much less to go for a run. Therefore I think it goes without saying that if the rest of your gear is uncomfortable, your shoes should never be.

These running water shoes for men are lightweight and super comfy. 

Newchick Sneakers White / 39 Men Fabric Breathable Light Weight Running Sneakers

Men's Fabric Breathable Light Weight Running Sneakers

The lightweight design of these running sneakers for men is a major contributor to its comfort. Even though they are designed for running, they are stylish enough to be worn casually on a daily basis.

See more from our running shoe collection here. 

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